Here are materials that can help you inform your patients about the risks and signs of osteoporosis, as well as the classes of treatment available.


This video shows how osteoporosis develops and how it can affect your patients.

This video provides useful information on osteoporosis and the differences between the two classes of treatment that are available.

In this video, your patients can meet Gerry and learn how osteoporosis has affected her.

Osteoporosis hasn’t stopped Tina from continuing her passion. Hear more about her experience here.

Printable Resources

Your patients can use this guide to help inform their conversations with you.

Patient-friendly information on osteoporosis, risk factors and the differences in treatment classes.

A visualization of the survey results about osteoporosis misconceptions.

This simple form helps patients understand their risk for fracture. Fill it out together, and have them keep it for future reference.